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Four major advantages

Focus on every detail, just because we understand your needs better


Brand strength 01

Gathering plastic modification research talents, with a team of engineers with 30 years of industry experience
Establish product and service standards for one's own enterprise based on ISO9001:2008, national standards, and American standards
Cooperate with many powerful manufacturers at home and abroad, such as Taiwan Qimei, Saber Foundation, PolyOne, Covestro, etc


Product strength 02

For many years, engineers in the field of modified PC have refined formulas and continuously developed high-performance new products.
We provide free samples and can customize them to meet your needs in all aspects.
The product meets EU standards through SGS, CQC, and UL international environmental certification.


Production strength 03

Import 4 German production lines with a monthly output of 800 tons/month
Customized modified products will be sampled in 2 days and delivered quickly in 3-5 days
Flexible and efficient production, with cost savings of up to 10% based on management strategies


Quality assurance 04

Select brand raw material suppliers and control quality from the source.
A complete set of imported testing equipment and a capable quality inspection technical team.
Each batch of products undergoes comprehensive testing and provides detailed testing data reports.

About us

Integrity management, win-win cooperation


Guangdong Yuanlin New Materials Co., Ltd

     Guangdong Yuanlin New Materials Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary established in Dongguan, mainland China in 2005 by Taiwan's Peilin Enterprise, specializing in inorganic fillers and rubber and plastic additives. Our company covers an area of 6000 square meters and is located in Changping Industrial Zone, Daojiao Town. We are a company with experience in Taiwan.

    Yuanlin is mainly engaged in the production and sales of rubber, plastic raw materials, and modifiers, and enjoys import and export rights. We have over 30 years of service experience in the industry and have our own dedicated R&D and experimental team in Taiwan. We uphold the spirit of excellence and provide customers with the most satisfactory service. Thanks to the advanced support from the industry, the company has been able to grow steadily, enabling both customers and us to improve and achieve a win-win goal.

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